PP plastic corflute layer pad

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Layer pads also name layer divider and separate sheet.

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PP corrugated edge sealing glass bottle layer mat
Recyclable glass bottle layer mat
Grooved plastic Coroplast layer pad
Waterproof and durable corrugated PP beverage pad
Tear-resistant pp plastic 1200x1000mm bottle layer cushion
Rugged and durable PP bottle corrugated mat
Recycled Waterproof Green PP Bottle Separator
Anticorrosive and durable PP bottle layer mat
Recyclable anti-collision bottle plastic tray
Strong waterproof PP bottle septa
Bottle partition hollow plastic board with groove
Waterproof and durable layer cushion for bottles and cans
Anti-static washable Coroplast plastic mat
UV stabilized edge with corrugated plastic sheet
Eco-friendly plastic layer pad pallet sheet
PP layer pad, plastic partition, partition
1200x 1000mm corrugated plastic layer cushion bottle separator
3mm 1200x1000mm PP plastic corrugated divider for glass bottles
3mm 3.5mm 1200x 1000mm PP corrugated plastic layer cushion
PP corrugated layer cushion with rounded corners of sealing edge

What is PP corflute layer pad?

Layer pads also name layer divider and separate sheet.
Are used inside cases to divide layers of stacked products such as cans, bottles and other rigid packaging.The layer pad stabilises the products and disperses weight evenly to ensure they remain free from damage during transit. The top layer pad also offers additional product protection when cases are being cut open.


Layer pads are available in a range of corrugated cardboard and are designed to provide the required amount of strength to meet the physical requirements of your supply chain.


PP  Layer pads


The sheet can be any color as customer required


Size can be customized


3mm and 4mm is most favorable, Also can be other thickness like 2mm 5mm 6mm and up to 12mm


Light Weight, Waterproof, Eco-Friendly, Recyclable, Non-Toxic.durable



Delivery time

 10-15 days after deposit


 100 pieces

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