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A tree guard is a corflute shelter device that protects the trunk of trees from wind, pests and frost.  Aussie Environmental plastic tree guards are made from lightweight corflute, which is a plastic with a corrugated structure that gives it added strength. Corflute is a waterproof material that’s highly durable and is designed to protect the growing tree from damage.

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Features of our tree guards

Aussie Environmental tree guards are ideal for revegetation or landscaping projects, conservation works and protecting trees from the ravages of pests and wind. They require only one timber state (unlike others that require three or four stakes), so they’re easy to install. They are also UV resistant, waterproof and very durable. Your tree guard arrives in a flat pack which easily folds out into a triangular shape when unpacked. They are available in packs of 10 or 50 and you can purchase either 450mm or 600mm high tree guards (timber stakes are not included).
● Strong and reusable
● Made from corflute
● Protects trees during early growth
● Easy installation (only requires one timber stake)
● UV stabilised

What are the benefits of a tree guard?

Corrugated plastic tree guards are used in many landscaping projects, from civil works to commercial projects and residential gardens. A tree guard can be essential to the survival of your trees when they are young, growing and vulnerable to damage, particularly in the first two years after being planted. These tree trunk guards give your new trees the best chance of survival when faced with the harsh Aussie weather and many of our native foragers.

Young trees can be blown down and uprooted in storms, damaged by hail or frost, driven over by vehicles, mowed down, and eaten by hungry kangaroos, wallabies and rabbits. The tree guard not only makes the tree visible from a distance so that vehicles, motorbikes or mowers can avoid them, but they also provide a physical protective barrier to predators. A tree guard can also protect the growing tree from being accidentally sprayed by herbicides and create a microenvironment that reduces UV rays, and increases both humidity and carbon dioxide levels around the tree.
The corflute tree trunk guard is a very robust product that’s made from UV stabilised plastic and is very strong and durable. It can be used more than once and is easy to install with just one timber stake.

Boost growth with a tree guard

The microclimate around your new trees, created by the plastic tree trunk guard, helps to boost the early growth of your young trees. The increased humidity, higher carbon dioxide levels and the protection from frost, driving rain and predators, all combine to give your trees the best chance of growing tall and strong. If you live in an area with lots of wallabies, kangaroos, bandicoots or rabbits, you’ll already understand how new growth can be decimated overnight by these hungry marsupials. That’s one of the reasons why using a tree guard to project each and every one of your new trees is the only approach that makes sense. Otherwise, your trees will be eaten overnight!

Another problem that can be solved with using tree trunk guards is the damage caused by pets and pests that dig around the base of the tree. This can damage the new roots of the young trees, lowering their vitality or even killing the trees. Another often overlooked benefit of using a tree guard for new trees is that it saves you money. That’s because more of your new trees survive, so you don’t have to buy more trees to replace the ones lost to the elements or predators.

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