Why pp hollow board can be used in the advertising industry

As we all know, pp hollow board can not only be used in packaging, construction, but also used as billboards and product display shelves, and today we will talk about specifically for billboards.


Billboards often need to be flat and smooth, only in this way the printed advertising picture can be more beautiful, impeccable, the smoothness of the billboard often affects the overall effect of the advertising picture, and pp hollow board is precisely because of this advantage will be favored by the advertising industry.

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PP Hollow board has extremely smooth properties, hollow board used for billboards is generally made of high-quality composite new raw materials hollow board, and then according to the customer’s own favorite to customize the thickness, size, color, personalized customization. Generally used in sign advertising, large screen signs, road signs, temporary work signs, dangerous area signs, courtyard guide signs, can take monochrome printing, multi-color printing, ordinary silk screen and UV printing.

What are the advantages of doing billboards with hollow boards?

1. Hollow board belongs to green and environment-friendly material, which can undoubtedly become an advertising highlight in the advertising industry. Hollow board specifications are flexible in all aspects of design, production is also simple and convenient, high production efficiency, can be used for advertising industry design.

2. The design size of hollow board is flexible and can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of customers. Hollow board belongs to flat plate, can be printed, printing and screen printing operations, so it is favored by the advertising industry.


3. The color of hollow board is gorgeous, rich, optional and pure, which just meets the requirements of advertising industry for color beauty. Hollow board is hollow structure, compared with solid board, as advertising board, will be more lightweight, and cost saving consumption.


Post time: Dec-03-2021