What is the difference between plastic hollow board box and carton price

There are two kinds of packing cases that are popular in the market now, one is hollow board packing case, the other is carton. Today, I will tell you about the characteristics and prices of these two packing cases.

First of all, let’s talk about cartons. Most of the raw materials of cartons are wood pulp. Although its cost is not high, it has a long growth cycle, which is not conducive to environmental protection.


Whole carton material is qualitative light, and more convenient to use, but there is a defect is to meet a special conditions are easy to deformation, cannot use cycles, increase customer economic spending, with the development of science and technology, there is a box have substituted the carton will quickly service for you, it is PP hollow board boxes.

Hollow plate production of raw materials is PP polypropylene packing, this is a kind of avirulent insipidity of environmental protection of raw materials, at the time of production can also add all sorts of function, has the good moistureproof, flame retardant, antistatic, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, vibration resistance, UV resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation function, so hollow plate for use effect is the monopoly advantage.


The above content told everybody simple hollow board boxes and cartons, some of the difference between the two box function is different, the price is also different, a single purchase, hollow plate is higher than the price of carton packing, but hollow board boxes can be recycling used multiple times, each time the cost of it is quite low, the overall cost performance is very good.

Is it possible to replace cartons with hollow board logistics boxes?


Now there are many people in the rumor that the logistics box made of plastic hollow board will slowly replace the paper box in the near future. Although this is just a rumor, people familiar with the logistics industry know that the plastic hollow board turnover box has many advantages that cartons do not have, as follows

1, such as a paper box with water will be deformed rotten, and hollow board box is waterproof, moisture-proof function.

2, paper box when encountered strong pressure will affect the safety of the goods inside, and plastic hollow board turnover box can be has the advantages such as compressive collision avoidance.

3. Hollow board logistics boxes now in production, will add the function of “anti-static”, so that the box can prevent the damage of static electricity to the goods inside when using, mainly can be used in the packaging and transportation of some electrical appliances and precious metal parts.

4, now there are a lot of people every day the greatest happiness is to receive Courier and opened them, so there are a lot of people have noticed, the Courier is carton packing box, and then returnable except light paper without any advantage, if there is a fire or flood, they will become fragile, But hollow board boxes do not have these problems.


May let you have not thought of, in the future maybe there will be more environmentally friendly and economic plastic waterproof fireproof boxes to replace these cartons.

Some time ago, it was reported that a car of expensive express was on fire because of a car accident, and all the goods in the car were burned, causing great losses. So we can imagine, these goods if the packing box is not easy to burning paper box and choose plastic hollow board box, there won’t be such a big loss, and now there are some turnover box manufacturing raw materials is have the function of the fire, so, in the later development of paper box will gradually fade out the our field of vision.


Hollow board PP material boxes are slowly entering thousands of households, used by people in different industries and fields, and its advantages are indisputable, replacing the position of carton in the logistics industry is only a matter of time.

Post time: Dec-03-2021