• Thanks to all of you who support and understand us during busy season

    As the temperature rises, our production has also entered a hot season. The busy season is coming. One of the most widely used applications of our products in China is as hoarding for iron baskets in cold storage. Before the apple is mature, we have to produce and process the iron basket with plastic protection sheet to the hands of customers.Make sure fresh apples and other fruits can be placed in the first place to protect the fruit during the long winter. So every year in July and August. We need work late everyday to make sure catch the delivery time for pp protection sheet. Our customer always give us 100 percent support and understand. Many customer place order in advance. They give us enough time to make production for their products (such like recycling corflute bin customer from USA. Birthday yard sign customer from USA and correx protection sheet customer from Dubai) We really appreciated about above customer giving a big support to us. The development of our company canno...
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  • Our company has successfully reached a long-term cooperation consensus with Japanese customers

    Although we used to supply goods to customers in many regions of Japan, we are all through middlemen. Now, we are proud to announce that we have the ability, confidence, timely and high quality to provide Japanese customers with high quality products and considerate services. The products we do this time named DIY work& daily life pp corrugated sheet. This products was made by 100% virgin Polypropylene . Thickness 3mm . Size 400*450mm.Color was white. Each pieces be packed with plastic bag and attached a small instruction about how to handle with it. Actually. This kind of light weight pp corrugated sheet was very popular in many areas. Such likes home use. Industrial use. Agricultural use and packing area use. We are glad to cooperate with more customer who have high quality requirements. Because this means we can get improve during making this kind of orders. So we are highly welcome all customer who have special requirements about pp corrugated sheet products. Such like corfl...
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  • High weight PP corrugated sheet successful made from our factory

    Today, we have successfully manufactured the high weight PP hollow board customized for Chilean customers I am very happy to share this good news with public. Now our hearts are also very excited and proud. It’s a very interesting story. Three years ago, Its the first time we meet customers from Chile want buy pp hollow board from us. At that time, in order to provide customers with satisfactory high GSM black color large size 1.22*3.66M pp hollow sheet, we specially hired the most experienced workers to debug equipment, and invited the most lethal peers in China to participate in the project. But because of the technical limitations, our final product was not perfect. Although the customer said that the function is good, it still leaves regret in our heart. Time back to last week, customers have been familiar with our production and technology through video and pictures. After consideration, the customer decided to let us produce for him about pp hollow sheet again. This time...
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