Corrugated Plastic Tree Guards

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A tree guard is a corflute shelter device that protects the trunk of trees from wind, pests and frost.  Aussie Environmental plastic tree guards are made from lightweight corflute, which is a plastic with a corrugated structure that gives it added strength. Corflute is a waterproof material that’s highly durable and is designed to protect the growing tree from damage.

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What’s the best time to use tree guards?

The best time to install a tree guard is as soon as you plant your new tree, as this protects them from the minute they are in the ground. If you have already planted your new young trees and suddenly realised that you need to protect them because of predators for example, you can still install these guards once the trees are in the ground. Just make sure that the timber stake is far enough away from the roots so it doesn’t cause any undue damage. If your trees have already been sunburnt or munched on by wallabies, and as long as the damage isn’t too severe, you can most probably save the tree by protecting it with a tree guard, even at this stage.

Always do your best to protect your trees before the Aussie summer heats up, because this is often the time that wallabies or even rabbits look for nice new shoots, as grasses become dry and brittle in the heat. Alternatively, if you live in an area that gets frost or snow in the winter, then again this is the time to make sure that your tree guards are in place. They provide protection from wallabies and rabbits who can quickly ring-bark a young tree when other food is scarce. A young tree with its trunk ring-barked has little chance of survival, particularly in the cold winter months.

Another reason to ensure that your new trees are protected during winter is that the bark expands during the heat of the day, but contracts back during the cold winter night. If the temperature differential is extreme, this quick expansion and contraction cycle can split the bark, resulting in a much lower chance of survival.

How do you install a tree guard?

Aussie Environmental tree guards are very easy to install. Once you have opened the flat pack and separated out the individual tree trunk guards, open out each of the guards so that it’s in its original triangular shape. Then simply slip the guard over the plant so that it sits on top of the soil and slide the timber stake down through the internal collar of the guard. Finally, hammer the stake into the ground to secure the guard into place. You can leave the guard in position until the tree outgrows the guard, then remove it and use it for another new tree. We recommend that you remove the tree guard every six months to inspect the growing tree and its bark. This also gives you the opportunity to clear away any weeds that have grown around the base of the tree and inside the guard. If the tree still fits nicely inside the guard, replace it and check it again in six months.


PP corflute tree guards


The sheet can be any color as customer required


size can be customzied


2mm is most favorable, 6-12 mm can be provided also




Durable, Waterproof, Eco-Friendly, Recyclable


Packing/ protection

Delivery time

10-15 days after deposit


For usual size: 5000 pieces; customize size: 10000 pieces
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